Kala Kolohe leg kicks

Just watched Kala KOLOHE'S Elite XC fight...awesome KO...!!! But, someone needs to teach him how to jam/block a muay thai leg kick. Who's his kickboxing coach??? He took too many of those leg kicks! Other than that, Kala punches like a fricken mule!!!


ttt for punching like a mule!

it will be fixed soon methinks

definitely agreed. i was afraid at the start of the bout that Kala Kolohe would suffer the same fate as Kaleo Kwan vs Malaipet...leg kicked out his game plan.

but Kala's body shots and constant pressure took Belleton out of HIS game. in any case, Kala's gotta learn to defend those leg kicks better.

ha ha ! let me explain. i do know how to defend leg kicks on a normal basis but there was one problem. i dont think he was kinda normal! this killah had the hardest kick i ever felt! when he steped in the ring i noticed it from the start. i could see his muscles poping out of his shorts! also i thought he would throw more high kicks, my damn legs started locking up too! to tell you the truth, i didnt want to check them bumbye i lose the bone to bone battle so i just had to take them. so BIG SHOUT OUT to frederics legs. impressed me alot. alohaz


Kala is da man.

Howzit Kala! with all due respect braddah...I personally believe you will encounter another leg kicker like Frederics, because your opponents will only get better. I would consider serious shin conditioning, after your rest. Because if your legs lock up as you mentioned...and you enter the latter rounds...braddah Kala, you won't be able to sit down on your punches as they say! I enjoy watching you fight...Train hard! but, train safe!

Kala, if you have a second shoot me an email



ttt for kala the lurker!

Cost of living is extremely high, pay is low, Hawaii fighters have less a chance of being "full time." A lot of fighters work labor intensive jobs to boot. Heck I work at a desk and I find it tough to get to the academy. It's expensive living here.

Ross!!! Congrats on a great win! You did awesome! Way to represent the state with pride!
You should meet up with haru at hmc for just one private. It will work wonders. He'll teach you techniques that will help u defend the leg kicks that don't require u to "condition your shins". Trust me, it'll be worth it.
As always, holler at me if you need anything bro.

i heard Frank Shamrock is a new Kala Kolohe fan...heard he tracked Kala down at ShoXC. could something be in works? would Kala train in the Bay Area with Frank?

yeah haru shimanishi is a genius...

nobody out here that knows the kickboxing game like him IMO...

I partially agree with you Nolan...yes! Haru is world class IMO, but in this mma game nowaday's, you gotta consider shin conditioning...there's no way around it! Also, conditioning your body to take those body shots...punches and/or kicks! In these mma contests, you gotta be able to give and take! If you know what I mean...Train hard, but train safe!

I agree with Hynstriker.

My old sifu used to hang from trees and drop coconuts on my stomache to strengthen my core.

Shit I remember this one time that faka got me drunk and started a fight in a bar in the ghetto leaving me to fend for myself lol

Mad Tiger...what if your sifu was drunk at the time, and he dropped a coconut on your fricken family jewels! By the way...how did the bar fight end???

Kala from waianae, whatever happened to da go pound one green bottle before da fight so he no feel notten,
all animal

Mad Tiger...what if your sifu was drunk at the time, and he dropped a coconut on your fricken family jewels! By the way...how did the bar fight end???

Funny you ask that as it was ALL caught on film! Thanks to Tino for posting on youtube...