KALA v Baroni in Photos (Pics)

You guys are such ass kissers! Baroni was on his ass for 10 min. straight! His corner should have thrown in the towel. Heart or not save us all the punishment.
Das my $0.02

welcome to the hg troll.

Welcome Troll.

a little inside info.

If Coleman,Trevor or Josh threw in the towel, Phil woulda been PISSED!

Not only do I respect the Ref (Chris WEST) decision on how long the
fight went on, so does Phil himself. and Phil told Chris that too.

The way it ended, now there is no doubt that Kala was the winner that

any earlier, and there woulda guarenteed been alot of chatter from the
Monday morning quarterbacks.

This wasn't Phil's 1st rodeo, and he's banged and been banged by
some of the best out there.

again Congrats to Kala, but don't count BARONI out just yet.

My 0.02

Ya I know Chris did his job well. Baroni's corner stuck it out. All I'm saying is that for him to keep going out there knowing the condition he was in. Das suicide to me.
But maybe I'm just a newbee in a charuto shirt..... cracks *-

Bruthah, Das Suicide for ME too!


Das why I just watch & Cheer from the side.

Baroni = old Pride = Yamato Damashii