Kali training


Are you still doing lots of knife and stick work? I haven't seen many post about it lately.

I train the weapons on a very part time basis. I only have a couple people who train with me in the weapons and I don't really advertise that I teach this stuff.

Unlike BJJ, Ray Floro's weapon's system does not need a ton of practice to maintain proficiency. Of course I would be better if I trained more, but I don't have to practice a lot constantly just to be able to beat the average person or even the average kali/escrima guy.

I also tend not to be able to focus on several things at once very well. When I first started doing the weapons, I focused on it all the time. As a result, my BJJ game suffered. The same thing happened when I studied judo. So I had to make a decision and decided it was more important for me to focus on my BJJ game.

MMA Warrior,

There are 2 big problems in the attitudes with many people in BJJ (I'm making a general statement and it is not direct specifically to you). First, people seem to have a strong sense of entitlement. Second, people seem to feel that their reasons for training must apply to everyone else.

I train and teach (a small group) simply because I enjoy it. I enjoy the feeling of my personal developement and progress. I don't enjoy competing and I don't enjoy teaching the public, so I don't do it. I want to focus on my BJJ game because I have the desire to improve myself with then translates to the improvement of my students.

By the way, just because I don't teach the public or compete, does not mean that I don't roll with people besides my students. I have trained with many people, I just don't announce it on the forum all the time.


i don't think rolling with your little son counts...hahahahaha

One of the main factors that Michael and I get along so well, is the fact that HE HAS NOTHING TO PROVE.......except to develop himself.

It takes a big man to consistently be exposed to critisism and yet still focus on his own personal path.

I spent enough time with Michael with stick/machete to the point that HE IS an authority with my system.

Yet, he doesn't advertise or even promote this fact...why....because he just wanted to learn it for himself.

On the opposite scale......I know of people who has no real grasp of what they are teaching, and yet big noting themselves, and establishing themselves as an authority....constantly stating how good they are. etc etc etc

One thing I will say about Michael....is that he HOLDS NOTHING BACK when he teaches you. So many instructors out there will teach the student a certain thing, and yet "hold back" their "favourite" techniques so they have the "edge" when sparring.

When I train with Michael there is NO EGO whatsoever....which means that the TOTAL FOCUS of the session is the improvement and evolution of the system. i.e the way it's executed and the way it's taught.

Some of my biggest breakthroughs in developing and teaching FFS was through the endless hours of training and questioning in Michaels garage.

Another thing......I will always choose to train with someone who specialises and focuses on the perfection of one system.....rather than a guy who "claims" to have trained in 20-50 other systems.

The goal of this forum is not to teach you my entire personal system. The purpose of this forum is for me to give tips and advice in response to your specific questions.

The purpose of this forum is obviously so that a few vocal self-entitled ill-mannered types can try and drive away yet another expert who answers many other people's questions and is considered by them a valued resource...

MMA Warrior,

Why does it matter how many people he teaches? If you ask a question he answers. I believe that that is the the purpose of the forum.


If you look at all the Expert Q&A's, I have been the most consistant presense in answering people's questions and giving free advice. In fact, those who have been around for a while will remember that I was part of the first expert Q&A that was create for the site before we had these numerous sub-forums back when this site was submissionfighting.com.

Personally, I don't know why we have 90% of the expert Q&A's on this site since most of the experts rarely ever or never show up to answer questions. On one hand, don't think it is very cool to have an expert come on the forum just to promote something they are selling and then leave the forum after they are finished selling it. On the other hand, there are so many shit talkers on the forum that I understand why most experts want to stay away.

Ray , so tru:)


"On the other hand, there are so many shit talkers on the forum that I understand why most experts want to stay away."

Accurate assessment