Kampman very impressive on UFN

Just saw this fight on UFC in Demand and he looked great....very well rounded...hope UFC can hold onto him

He signed for 3 fights. He'll be around for awhile.

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nice vid ttt

Funny thing is that Martin represents the "Kung Fu Toa" club. And people say that Kung Fu doesnt work!

Lol, the Danish Kung Fu Toa is like one of the most misleading gymnames ever :-)

But it does look funny on the fightcards...

lol a bit like "Striking Viking" too eh Jakob :p

Well, it's much easier to strike people when they're laying down :-)


Great to see Martin smashing people up in the UFC. Hopefully more Europeans will be there in the future.

I'd like to see Leben VS Kampman

awesome vid!

Cool HL vid. That KO head kick was beautiful.

Martin is an awesome 185er, and has champion potential. He came to the states on vacation and signed with me to represent him. Before he could return from his "vacation" I got him a WFA fight AND a WFC three fight deal oh and sponsors for his fight. He now goes home with TWO wins and his pockets lined with gold.

We provided the opportunity and Martin handled business. Look for big things from Kampmann in the near future.

Ken Pavia


Martin's a bad man, maybe a little light for a MW though