Kane (glen jacobs)

for those who dont know he was a prettty good shoot/sub wrestler





not Glen Jacobs at all.

Big guy, figured he wore the mask in the beginning just to stay anonymous,but after he took it off, whoa! That is one scary mug, I wouldn't want to see that glaring at me from the opposite corner of the ring!

to me it's steeel reeel, sobs

Funny thing is there was an all pro rassler Weakest Link(?), I think, it was a game show in which constestants were actually tested on their knowledge, not an easy show, and Kane won. Obviously he's a pretty well educated guy,he answered some very tough ones,the host was even impressed...and he wore the mask on the show which was great!

Kane is an ok wrestler for his size and limitations but agility and quickness are not his strengths.