Kang vs Doerksen on RDS tonight

Tonight at 9 pm Denis Kang Vs. Joe Doerksen, Jermaine Andre Vs. Steve Vigneault and Tony Fryklund Vs. David " the Crow" Loiseau. Just a heads up for all Eastern Canadian MMA fans


Thanks Jamie !!!

Look for my big fat head on the tv tonight.. ;)

You'll see me also doing security around the ring :)

damnit, wish I got that channel. Those are some great fights!
Anyone who gets RDS, check it out for sure.

All are excellent fights!

thanks for the headsup. even though I don't speak french, i always watch the RDS events.

You might see me getting interviewed by some hot biatch!

What the hell is RDS?!

Anyone in vancouver know if its one here?

Fuck, I wanna see those fights!

ya, what Wasa-B said!

JHR I will look for you and your big orange beard. The wife will point it out again I am sure

RDS is the french TSN.

Crazyhook, I was there lurking about a few times :)

YL2 was visible quite a bit :)

Hey wasa-b just get bell expressvu and ask for it

it has a MMA show every week !

great fight.. JHR I could not find you at all :) we will have to see you next month. Our bet is still on and you have taken a small lead...