Karo highflyin seminar June 26@NG

Karo will be holding a seminar here at the Next Generation Fighting Academy on June 26th from 12:00pm-3:00pm. He will be showing lot of GI LESS Judo throws, tons of submissions and some great leg and anke locks. The price is $60 and you will get to roll with Karo and me as much as humanly possible. Come check it out.

Address: 1407 N. El Camino Real, San Clemente, CA




$60 for a seminar with one of the rising starts in MMA!


ttt for the HEAT!





chris what happened to the temecula school? the website says wildomar now, where is that? i need a westside tourney :(

Karo is on the short list of guys I really want to roll with

BRad- There was no one coming. I had like 20-25 guys and it wasn't cutting it. I am gone a lot training and teaching seminars and stuff so I am just sub leasing from a place out there in Wildomar. I am there Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Karo is awesome.

oh ok. i am going to email you today, so look for it.


you guys coming down to the east coast at all??

Hey baileys87, I might be interested in this also. We could carpool.


you are infectious human waste. i miss you. are you busy at work still?

9 miles closer to you than Temecula

Chris this is a serious question is there a age limit my boy does judo and I think this maybe be good for him he is 6 and his cousin is 12.

I doubt it. I will ask him but I am sure it is ok. How long has he been doing it and can he toss Karo :)