Karo Parisyan question/comment

I like the way he fights!

I was happy for my friend 'Georges St-Pierre 'for winning there fight.

besides that Karo's real exciting and I hope to see him in a mainstream show again soon. If youv seen seen him fight other than his fight with Dave and George,tell me did he use his judo throws??

Does he have a website?

i agree he's very exciting to watch. love those throws.

sorry don't know about a website or his other fights. maybe Gokor's site has some info.

when are you fighting again Pain?

Not sure man
I'm competing in lots of local judo tournaments and might be heading to Philadelphia to compete in a few weeks.

I'm lookin to start competing more 'MMA' in the USA

best of luck. look forward to seeing you fight in the states.

It`s been reported as a "rumor" from a reliable website that Karo is going to be fighting Shonie Carter in the WEC on May 21st.