Karo Parisyan VS NICK Diaz!!!!!

Hey Dana.......Sign This Fight!!!!!

IMO, Karo wouldn't make it out of the first round.

Nick would tap him EASILY.

did you miss their first fight?

"IMO, Karo wouldn't make it out of the first round."

I agree!

No, Karo fought NATE Diaz a few years back.  NICK is his younger brother on TUF.

I like Nick, but Karo would kill him.  Nick will be a contender one day, but still needs some more seasoning.

You got it backwards Adam, Nick is the older bro.

lol at the noobs

Nate is the younger Diaz

karo beat nick in ufc 49....

Yeah I know, I was just seeing how long before someone would pick up on it. :-)

that was a damn close fight.

"did you miss their first fight?"

I think i missed that episode, do you have a link?

I'd be down for watching Nick vs Karo part 2.

we need a welterweight tournament... Diaz, Penn, Serra, Karo, Hughes, GSP, Fitch, and either Kos or Diego

nick karo was a war!split dec. war!

Kos vs. Karo would be very cool to see

Fitch said that they may match him against Karo soon.

They have to do a lot of non-title shit for WWs, because the Serra/Hughes match is going to take forever to complete

lol at the responses

This thread makes me sick to my stomach.

This place is total noob


I've watched every episode of TUF and have never seen a "Nick" or "Karo". What season were they on? Whoever they are they would get smoked by Rafferty.

Wait... Which season of TUF was Karo on again???