Karo/Reggie wish the UG a Special Merry Christmas

F the UG! Merry Christmas! Phone Post

Merry Christmas!


I can't believe Karo got that close to reggie without getting thrown on his head.

merry christmas BRO'S

 LOL Im Nate Diaz

That was cool.

 TtT for the HEAT!  I'll always be a fan.  The best judo throws I've ever seen in the Octagon.

 Good stuff.


Karo looks terrible these days. Fuck. Hope he turns it around.

Fucking classic but sad too, don't want to hear Karo having to justify shit. Just win BRO!

 I'd kick it with either one of you guys .

Happy holidays

I bet I could drink you both under the table.

 You're always the shit in my book Karo btw.

 TTT for the heat to return, but even not, thanks for the classic brawls with Diaz, Lytle, & many awesome wins!!!

HAHA gotta love Reggie and Karo great shit

Good shit guys,hope you both have a good 2011!

 Man I'd love to see 'the Heat' get it together and make an impact once again!

 ^^ don't want to count him out, but I think his best days are behind him.  personal problems + the quickly evolving sport = swimming upstream

LOVE YOU KARO!!! Keep training bro, we all love watching you fight bro.

Bro....come at me.

i'd love to see the heat in strikeforce or the MFC.