Karo---TUF 5 Trainer/Coach???

*** MY buddy spotted Karo at The Palms the other day and he was wearing the typical TUF jersey they wear on the show. On the back was "Team Pulver". Is Karo signed on as a coach/trainer this season? If so, cool.

**If this is old news then I'm sorry. I'm sure people will feel compelled to post "In other news.." or "STFU TUF-Noob" or some other really clever thing to say. So just in case here's a preemptive FU.

To all others, thanks for any replies.

It sucks when UG members are speaking in tongues!



you should ask OMA(tm)....

I'm confused. Exactly how is it "homo erotic"?

I agree that the show is not the greatest thing since sliced bread, but I don't really see whats so homo erotic about it.

On a side note-To all fighters, please stop painting your freaking toenails. It isn't cool, doesn't make you seem tougher, isn't "more accepted to express yourself" in anyway. It just makes you look like an ass-clown. Can someone explain that phenomenon? I mean, I'm sure your own Dads would kick your ass for wearing that garbage.

P.S. The beanie + sunglasses + goatie look also must go.

^^^^^^^AMEN BROTHA!!!!


I could see Karo coming to the show as a guest trainer like Franklin, Hughes and Liddell were for TUF 4. BJ and Pulver are the coaches, but I'm pretty confident there will be other UFC fighters that come in to help train the contestants.


Sorry, it was The Rio, not The Palms, if that makes any difference.

well if hes on it mindspa will look like a genius

It would appear from next week's promo that I was right. Come on, that deserves a blue name right?

Some people (my Dad included) paint their toenails because they have a fungus that is prevented by having them painted.

Guest coach next week.

^ yup yup...