Karo was right beind me @ 88.

 On crutches with his possey. Not one person even noticed who he was, even when he left and was out in the lobby area. I kept waiting him to ask us all if "We knew who he was, bro?"


Seems strange that he was on crutches for a back injury, and that he couldn't get seats as good as yours. He should get Clay "Sweet Seats" Guida to hook him up.

damn Armenians

My buddy was behind Brian Stann in the beer line and he said not person knew him or even said anything to him either.I know Stann isn't a household name but damn not one person noticed him except my buddy who didn't even say anything to him either.

Hope he is better soon, one of my favorites!




that just isn't right!

I don't even think they showed Karo on the broadcast which is kinda surprising if he was there. They showed Yoshida. Maybe I just missed the Karo sighting.