Kawajiri the #1 lightweight?

Kawajiri is the KING of rematches! He lost to Takumi in his first fight, and then obliterated Takumi standing last year in the rematch. He went to a draw with Yohei Suzuki in his second fight, and defeated Suzuki by choke in the first round just a month later. And just moments ago he avenged a loss two years to Shaolin by TKO in the second round!

For all the people who didn't believe Kawajiri deserved to be ranked in top 5, or above Edwards even though he beat him, do you now think he may deserve to be ranked the top dog in the WORLD after defeating the previously undefeated and undisputed lightweight champion of the world?

Kawajiri is the best!

He got a lucky ref stoppage! It was home town bias!

LOL. just kidding! Glad Kawajiri won. He deserved it!

Actually, until Kawajiri convincingly beats Uno as well he isnt No.1 :P

when he beat Shaolin

oo .Guess hes gotta be up there

When you're right....you're right

He deserves the nod

Kawajiri is no.1 without a doubt.

  • waits for Pride to steal another top guy *

TTT for Kawajiri



And to all of those who don't agree that he's no.1







WAR KAWAJIRI!!!!!!!!!!!

is that his nic name?
If so...
WAR KAWAJIRI!!!!!!!!!!

Kawajiri is good


to be a champ 5 years in a whole.....only ....one....the best pound by pound fighter.....in whole history.....

Alexandre "pequeno" Nogueira.....

one more time "dum dum dum"....in Japan.....

ps: as I knew....the game of Shaolin finished by G&P...



shao lins 1st loss?

Da Swede's rankings are 100% correct

Da Swede is 100% correct.

Of Kawajiri's 12 wins, only 2 are by decision! He's won by submission from the top, submission from the guard, KO standing, TKO on the ground... He can do it all!

Kawajiri is the best!

Hei Miguel put Kawajiri

in Euphoria.....

I will love to see Hermes kick his ass....


It's pitiful that there's a fighter that's this talented, and I've never seen him fight.

Kawajiri is one bad motherfucker to TKO Shaolin.

*My teammate who trained with Shaolin while he was staying in Brazil, when I tell him the news, he will be devastated*


I love that "Dum Dum Dum" everytime!!

Kawajiri and Pequeno are both awesome rematchers. Pequeno guillotined Katsuta and tapped Abe with a rear naked when he lost to both.

Damn Kawajiri is impressive,but I wanted to see Shaolin win :(