Kayla Harrison MMA

PFL please find suitable opponents for Kayla. She is so above her competition it is embarrassing to watch. The gal last night tried to take her down, are you for real? Most lame opponent I have seen.

Kayla has faced the best in the world in her judo career and these opponents do not belong in the ring with her. Come on UFC get her and establish a 155 lb. weight category. Don’t make these gals cut so much weight. She fought -78k in judo which is just under a max of 172 LBS.

Hope UFC signs here and creates 155LB category. Opponents in PFL are not competitive. I want to see in the UFC in anyone can handle her ground talents.

The issue is that there are no 155lb chicks worth a shit outside of Kayla. The UFC could barely fill the 145lb division. The most competitive women division is probably 115lbs at this point. Shevchenko has no challengers and neither does Nunes.

Thanks for the info. Not informed about the UFC Women’s division other than Nunes or Cyborg or the fighter from Poland.

Most 155 and 145 women fighters are blown up 135lb fighters who ate McDonald’s or Taco Bell their entire fight camp.

Now I understand why Kayla stays in the PFL. It is just so lame watching her beat opponents that have no business in the ring with her. I want her to show her talents with UFC competition. Cutting even to 145 LB is too much for her.

She fought at 145 at the tail end of last year. It was a one off for Invicta FC

Another opponent last night who had no chance of beating her. I know she is making the money but what is the future if her opponents are not competitive?

The future is that she keeps on making money beating up 155lb female tomato cans.

Maybe someone will regulate intergender MMA and stick her against a 135lb male fighter where she gets the shit beat out of her and humbled a little bit.

She is starting to enter Ronda Rousey delusional levels about taking on men fighters.

I just wonder where are the tough 155LB female fighters out there? I am unaware of her talking about men opponents nor have I read this. Her comments are always respectful and follows from her judo career. I have met her and talked to her in the past. She is one of the nicest persons completely opposite Ronda’s persona. The PFL is at fault for not finding worthy opponents. Asking her to make 145 LB. for the UFC when her judo competitive weight was -78k or just under 172 LBS is not fair to her. Like weakening the bull so the matador can finish it off.

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There is no talent at 145 or 155lb in female mma. The most competitive division is 115lbs.

She told me a few years ago that her Judo training enables her to lose 6000 calories with her workouts. I didn’t realize she weighed 155 lbs. She didn’t look that big to me.