Kazuyuki "Iron Head" Fujita

What are yalls thoughts on this dude....

I was watching the fight replays on Fox Sports Southwest last night and he was fighting Superpunk Thompson...And Fujita was taking shots after shots from Thompson and still pressed forward...Hes got some heavy hands and a huge head...

What are some of yalls thoughts on this guy and would he be any good for UFC Heaviweight divison?

He would be champ ASAP.

Yep...If you take Cro Cop out of the mix, and replace him with Iron Head...He would quickly become UFC champion.

I'm not sure he'd be champ, but he's tough and can take a punch like few men can, so you wouldn't want to stand and trade with him.

With that huge head of his...Im pretty sure hed shrug off crocops kicks

"With that huge head of his...Im pretty sure hed shrug off crocops kicks"

So, he could shrug off Cro Cop's kicks but not Wandy's punches? Ummm, no.

I think Fujita has Homer Simpsons disease.

Fujita would not take the ufc heavyweight belt, I'm afraid.


Big Tim via 5 round unanimous decision.

Crocop KO'ed Fujita via kneestrike about 5 years ago, if I'm not mistaken. (or maybe tko?)

I still can't get over the beating that Wanderlei unleashed on him, only to have Fujita spring back up to his feet and walk to his corner without a problem, I don't even think it took him a whole second to stand back up after the stoppage.

Fujita looked better against silva than most.

He is an extremely tough fighter.