kc grapplers

How is the Kansas City grappling scene these days? Are Travis Phippin, Brad Jones, Paul Swigart, Eric Payne, "mosley" still around?

Swigart is the only ax from your list. Everyone else is still lurking around. The scene has gone up and down over the past three years with two black belts coming here and then leaving for whatever reason. There is a large group that has begun training together. Some of the old guys and some of the new. It's a cool deal with no attitudes or politics. (for now..lol) There are some prospects for the near future though so things are looking good.

I think "Mosley" (Braeson) is retired from grappling unfortunately.

I remember Braeson from a long time ago. How's his neck? He ever get fixed up? If anyone talks to him tell him Nate said Hi!

Thanks, there used to be quite a few tournaments in kc, are they still happening? Some used to get good numbers of contestants, and some of the shows used to get good competitors, Payne, Phippen, O'connor, etc. Did Braeson hurt his neck and totally quit grappling?

Eric Payne and Joe Wilk are running a Gracie Barra affiliate school here in Wichita, KS.

I used to trian at Swigarts in PArkville, whatveer happened to him??

i'm in the manhattan,ks area. are there any grapplers or any boxers out there? i'm gonna be there this summer for school and wanna train sometime

Sak-fu. My good friend and trainning partner Andy Wefald (gracie barra purple belt) is planning on moving to Manhattan, Ks this summer. He is a technical bjjer that will have alot of good stuff for anyone that trains with him.

ttt for my fellow KSU folks and to the cat In Wichita. Im from Wellington..

Good to hear from a local David Heath. ttt

that is tight flowslo. how can i get a hold of him. i'd love to train. i brought my gi down and shit too


ttt for me