Keenan Cornelius teaches the Fifty Fifty Armbar

In a recent interview with me Keenan Cornelius talked about hitting the fifty fifty armbar on one of the Miyao brothers at the Pan Ams.

Then he was kind enough to send me video of him breaking down that technique step by step.  Here it is!


Stephan Kesting

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Last I heard from talking to his video producer is that the set should be out the end of next week.  Fingers crossed - there should be a lot of really good stuff on it!

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Penetration Skills - Word!

can't wait for his dvd set to come out

TTT for the drama free thread

I second that. Will be a bunch of jewels to add to the collection. Phone Post

One thing I really like is Keenan's pace of instruction. I'd get lost trying to learn like this on the mat, but for an instructional vid I think it's perfect.

Also, I think it is a great sign that Keenan has been in contact with Stephan... for a lot of reasons.

Thanks for posting this vid. I hit this on 3 different people last night!

not fan of watching him compete but he seems to make some good videos! very articulate and well thought out! nice!

This is for everyone who was wondering about the DVD. I talked to keenan and it will be live on tuesday the 28th!

More info on it here