Keep Howard Dicus OFF THE NEWS

 some people were meant to write it and not be on it.


watched him report from NYC today and it was possibly TEH WORSE example of news presentation i've ever seen. it actually made me want to throw up.

please howard, stop.


Gee, I'm a pasty blob and unattractive...I think I'll grow a scraggly grey beard to put the cherry on top...afterall, I'm on teleVISION!

Moar hot chicks plskthnx!

is "molestery" a word?

because he looks molestery.

the lovely sarah honda told me this morning that she was, "UNDERWHELMED!"

HAHAHA WORD OF THE FUCKING DAY! and this coming from a person who doesn't say bad stuff at all.

you need to watch his nyc segments right now. kod cannot save him

Looks don't matter when you're talented as fuck. Underwhelmed doesn't sound like that description.