Keep your head up Joe

Sick fight.

You had me entertained for sure. You have a bright future ahead of you man.

ttt for both Kenny and Joe.

 That first round was phenomenal, one of the highest-paced rounds I've seen.

I agree with Eddie. You're still young Joe... you have so much potential and have a great career ahead of you. :)

HendOver - 23 year old Joe Lauzon WILL be the champ some day. This was a minor speed bump IMO.

Exactly. I watched the card with some friends that don't follow MMA. I told them from the start that whatever happens tonight, they are going to see a young fighter who will one day hold the belt. Good fight Joe, can't wait to see you fight again!

I'm proud of the kid. Nothing worth having comes easy, and this loss will only make him being the champ one day mean that much more.

I'm still his fan !

" Do you guys think the Team Agression guys will jump on this thread and challenge Florian now because he beat a team mate? "


Great fight from Joe. Those leg locks looked very close.

TTT for Joe

Joe's a gamer and one of the classiest guys on Team Aggression.

Sick fight between them.

Just that Florian was a little too far ahead of him....No biggie....


You are such a troll. Stop making trouble with threads like these.

You're an adult--so please act like one!