ken flo vs roger huerta is signed huh?

 can kenny finish roger?


Viva La Raza!

Huerta will win after Florian beats Huerta up a bit.

Huerta isn't good unless you punch him in the face a few times.

Can't wait to see this fight...and we don't sponsor either guy...Big fan of both and this will be a great fight...Would not bet against either of them.

 I wish it were five rounds. In three rounds it doesn't seem likely that there will be a finish.

Great fight, will be very entertaining...however Kenflo is still a step above IMO

Can't wait for this fight!!!

 winner will face the bj-sherk winner huh?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 bj will fuckin kill either one of these guys

I don't know, he won't have a big reach advantage like he did over Sherk and Joe. Sherk wobbled him in the first round and he is not known for being a power puncher (even though he looks like he should be).

I think Florian/Huerta will be for the title when BJ vacates in month or 2 to move to 170.

Ken Flo by ref stoppage is my prediction for that fight.

I hate Florian with a passion, but...RIP Huerta.


kenflo by tko

Kenny by something fancy, first or second round.

 Either is capable of finishing the other....should be a very exciting fight

kenny via RNC rd 1

as much as i like both of them, i just feel Kenny is on another level at this point in their careers... Kenny via RNC