Ken Shamrock = American Sakuraba

In the sense that he's a shadow of his former self now used as a sacrificial lamb to showcase the spectacle of young vs old.

Like Sakuraba, I ask myself each and every time he steps into the ring or cage if he will survive this one. Both appear to be equally intent on becoming the first martyrs of MMA.

I'm rooting for him, but this is the man who couldn't even stay conscious for more than a few seconds with Tito Ortiz in his guard. I'm wondering if he even has a chance if he manages to get the fight to the ground. What more does his body have left? Will he be able to maintain control over an opponent so much heavier than himself?

And his chin is shot. Does he really have a chance of closing the distance on Kimbo without taking a single shot? One punch and he's done.

The healthy Ken Shamrock of old would shoot in with unstoppable force and effortlessly put Kimbo on his back, pounding away from there and possibly going home with his leg.

But with this old living corpse we see today; I just hope he makes it out alive.

His only advantage in this fight is experience. If he trained properly he has a chance of catching Kimbo, what are the odds on this one?

psst..hes gonna take a flop in the first minute or two...

 ken was never as awesome as Saku was.

Saku has always been more humble about his status as an athlete; whereas Ken huffs and puffs like he's some guy to be reckoned with despite his long string of pathetic losses.

Also, culturally its different because the Japanese dont view their faded competitors as sacrificial lambs. Keeping their heroes around is a sweet and (arguably) misguided way to show respect (and yeah, cash in on them too).

Not exactly an apt comparison, but I get what you are trying to say.

whitson -  ken was never as awesome as Saku was.

I think we can all agree with that, but I think the OP was making a comparison between the way they've both aged and accumulated career-debilitating injuries...not so much comparing their skill.

Kazushi Sakuraba > Ken Shamrock

The only difference is Sakuraba sticks around in ffights and takes a way bigger beating the Shamrock.

Also that Sakuraba has had a way better career

Yeah, I still remember when the Japanese Sakuraba flash KO'd Shamrock Sakuraba

Sakuraba has the ability to make something happen in a fight when nothing is happening.

Ken does not have that ability.


The fuck are you talking about? What good is "fight experience" when you body just doesn't respond anymore?


TS is a moron!

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"moran" imo

No he isnt because Sak has talent...Ken dosent have any talent at all.... if Ken cant dominate a guy with strength he looses every time..... because he has nothing technically.

Man, Ken is even worse off than I thought. He can't even make it past his warm ups anymore. What sucks is that after seeing what happened to Kimbo tonight, Ken may have even had a chance after all.