Ken Shamrock Vs Bas Rutten

wow see this video fighting about Ken Shamrock Vs Bas Rutten.... knee bar

have to watch this one later

Fight looks fake though.

That one is real......that one actully did damage to Bas's leg/ knee for sometime.

If it's the fight i'm thinking of Ken's moves look too flashy to be real.

Most if not all of Ken's Pancrase fights were fake.

That kneebar was slick as dogshit.

Ken takes Bas today as well. Bas is 50% replacement parts at this point.

If you're gonna tell me that the spin to the knee bar wasn't quick and smooth then you're obviously a hater.

all pancrase fights were fake.

"all pancrase fights were fake."


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Bas Rutten vs Ryushi Yanagisawa
Uploaded by Panabas

ken beat bas twice. even outstruck him standing in 1 (bas was worried about the takedown)

i love that bas fight. ruthless palms

ken shamrock doing fast thechnique of knne bar and knee bar is very good but heel hook is more danger than knee bar knee bar in ufc

Shamrock had some SERIOUSLY obvious works like against Matt Hume (northern lights suplex into a hammerlock LOL)

Very very few of Bas or Franks fights were works.

Einux: yes is true this photo ....

Bas' commentary is classic. Love that guy!

Bas is great. He was the best thing at Pride. Very funny.

I would pay to see Bas fight Ken today.

Bas would destroy Ken, but then again I think he's like 5 or 6 years younger than Kenny.