Ken vs. Tito 3!!!!

I wasnt excited the first time,I thought the second time was a joke.....So lets do it again YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!

Tito has already beaten the worlds most dangerous man twice....he may as well retire. But if he wants to keep fighting thats fine by me. BECUASE TITO IS THE MOST AWESOMEST RADICAL GUY EVER!

And that whole "Im Rick James" thing...So original,nobody has ever thought to say that before.

Tito is awesome and radical...bottom line.

this fight is going to happen in my backyard on a rubber mat, or mattress. You heard it here first!

They obviously hate each other,and everyone knows that hate brings the most exciting stoppages ever!!

p.s.Tito IS SO rad!!!

Im noticing that not enough people are acknowledging Titos radness.I find this alarming.

I mean, you did see him enter right? Hes obviously AWESOME.

For God's sake, Tito...step and fight someone legit...for the sake of your fans (not that I'm one of them).

Ami(thats what Ill call you),you obviously missed Tito defeating the worlds most dangerous man in a totally fair stoppage. Why would he waste his time with a younger more dangerous oppopnent? Those guys can only be the worlds 2nd most dangerous men.

The conspiracy theorist in me says that would be a reason for an early stoppage (if you considered it to be early).

Now the UFC has grounds to have a Tito-Ken 3. They'll point out how this was a controversial early stoppage, and one more match is warranted. If Tito continues to smash Ken's face in with elbows, the UFC couldn't justify another match.

I imagine early next year they'll set a date for Tito-Ken 3.

"i could watch tito beat up ken every day for the rest of my life "

Me too...its not like theres anyone else who could hang with Tito. All though I have heard a few of the newbies mention some guys named Chuck,Vanderlei,Shogun and Babawho...something like that.

ttt for awesome and radical fighters who bring more excitement during the entrance than they do when the fight starts.

p.s.Tito is so rad and cool,did you notice how cool he was? Never nervous or obnoxious or anything.

Tito wants to fight Ken again!!! Im so glad he is not one of those sissies constantly seeking easy money fights.

Tito is so rad and awesome...he should call out Ali just to prove that he is the best at whatever it is he does!

It won't happen for sometime.
Tito will push himself into the contender spot. He won't waste 3 months of training for another fight with Ken anytime soon.

Give it to us for free on Spike.

I hope not, the first 2 have been so one sided I don't see the reason for a 3rd