KenFlo interview - June 24 fight

Here is an exclusive interview with Kenny "KenFlo" Florian before his fight against Sam "Hands of Stone" Stout during The Ultimate Fighter 3 finals on June 24, fight that will be broadcast live on Spike TV @ 8:00PM.

"Without going in too much, I think his ground game still need a lot of work. I don't think his ground game was impressive. I think a lot of his abilities to do things during this fight was due to Spencer Fisher disability to capitalize on the ground. I think either Spencer doesn't have very good type Jiu Jitsu positions, knowlegdes or it was him being tired..."

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Kenny Florian's Eulogy

Stout, TKO round 2, kick to the sacro-iliac.


Stout is going to pound Kenflo's mojo into a no-go.

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Fack, I'm going to be in China! Anyone know somewhere in Beijing where I can watch this event??


gonna be a good event can't wait