Kennedy says Bisping has loose a$$! Phone Post 3.0

Whay Phone Post 3.0

Kennedy should not talk. Kennedy is in American military which is known for being the most homosexual military in the world. Kennedy should stay away from gay issues since he has proven he might be gay.

This dude is still talking shit? Phone Post 3.0

Just thought it was a funny comeback. Also Luke would destroy him. Phone Post 3.0

GoldMedaLInTapping(R) - This dude is still talking shit? Phone Post 3.0
He only talked shit because pillow fists came out and complained about Kennedy blanketing him. Phone Post 3.0

Lol War Kennedy Phone Post 3.0

I'd bet on Bisping for the rematch.. Too long of a layoff, his TDD is usually way better Phone Post 3.0

At first I thought he was just hyping the fights and trying to draw interest... Now to me he seems like the guy who just tries wayyy too hard to get a laugh at a party. Phone Post 3.0