Kenny Florian: Why I Left Dellagrotte For Firas Z.

Retired UFC superstar Kenny Florian talks with Full Contact Fighter correspondent about his regard for master trainer Firas Zahabi. Florian reveals why he left longtime coach, Boston’s Mark Dellagrotte, for Zahabi, and lends his thoughts on life after retirement.

That was some funny shit about Boston. Massholes are no joke

Great interview.

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I always enjoy hearing from Kenny. Thanks for the interview.


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Hated the game plan they used vs BJ, tried to use the same plan GSP used, Mark would have probably tried to make it a striking match, Kenny would have most likely faired better than he did imo. Phone Post 3.0

knowledgeable interviewer with insightful questions.

Who dat?

V cool interviewer and interviewee

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Mark was wicked retaaded

I’m surprised the interviewer leads with “nobody ever talks about it” because I think Kenny leaving Mark Dellagrotte got tons of talk when it happened. Seems like a tired, old issue and the interviewer should leave it buried. Not all personalities gel long term, so what. None of it means Kenny is a bad fighter/person nor is Mark a bad trainer/person, they just needed to go their separate ways.

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The real reason is most likey because doing business with Keith Florian is a nightmare.

cheesesteak - The real reason is most likey because doing business with Keith Florian is a nightmare.

Keith is a friend and we are in business together and you are wrong. Pretty misunderstood guy, his public perception is way off and I can personally verify that.

Keith is a good guy. Just cause he yells in the corner doesn't make him a masshole. He is a chill dude. Phone Post