kenny florian

He did a couple of cool things even though the fight was kind of short. I think if he was in better shape he could have done better. Kenny is not built for that weight division. His body looked weak , no disrespect! If kenny fought in a lighter weight division.. he would have done alot better. I think it was the pressure of fighting for the first time around all of those people . Most of the people that fought that night didn't do as good as they did when they were in the training camp. The training camp was a more relaxed enviroment. Their techniques were alot better. Some people don't react well to pressure and some do. diego is a really good fighter! Anyone ever notice that west coast fighters seem to be better than east coast fighters ? I think it has something to do with the warm weather. I'm serious!

I think Kenny normally fights at 155 or 170.

I haven't noticed the east west thing. O and it its not like there are east coast states that are warm, I go ice climbing in Florida all the time! However, I have noticed that states that have more than one A in the name seem to produce better fighters. It must be because the states are harder to spell so the fighters are smarter. I'm serious!

gary and ace are at it again!

I don't know if anyone has informed you that it snows in Oregon. That is where Couture and Lindland are at along with Hendo. The fact that Oregon isn't a "warm weather state" disproves your ridiculous notion.

I agree with ajm, I think that your idea is not very well thought out. That is much more respectfull than my original response, but the same idea.


Matt Hughes, Randy, Tanner (who recently moved to warmer weather I believe) All came from cold weather places from training.Three out of four ufc champs train in cold weather places. Weather has little to do with winning or losing.

pitbull - I agree with you analysis 100% Kenny looked much smaller and weaker than Diego. He would of had to have a big striking/submission advantage to make up for the difference in size and strength. Dana should give him a shot at 150 lbs ... I'm sure he would do much better in that weight class.