Ken's corner approach

I made and extra effort to listen to what Ken's fight instruction was like. Wow, he really is as bad as everybody makes him out to be. Every instruction he gave to Ed last night he was already in the process of doing. He was nothing more then a glorified cheerleader. The best was when he was like work the submission!! work the submission!!... as Ed was already cranking away, before Shamrock even realised what the hell was going on. Hey Shammy, how about sharing some of your experience, guide him through repositioning himself so he could get the sub he was going for. Unbelivable this guy actually has a fight team. I thought the Hammer House corner needed work....holy shit.

Do you guys think maybe Shamrock has caught the Holyfield, and just had his brain cells bashed to shit??

get that summission, Ed! work that summission!