Kevin Holland fighting again this weekend?

Didn’t realize he was fighting again this week. Will be interesting to see if he talks his way through the fight this time.

Is he a late replacement? Surprised to see him headlining so quickly after that last performance

Till got injured so he’s a late replacement

Should be a good scrap. Both like to keep it standing. Vetori is durable as fuck

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Perhaps Holland will actually fight this time. More likely, he will be himself again and chatter like a fool. This way, when you win, you seem like you won easily and, when you lose, it seems like you were not really trying. Either way, I will not watch this fool fight again.

I think he should take some time off and actually work on his skill set.


I think you’re onto something. In fact, I’m going to say that Vettori is going to blow him out, badly.

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Vettori worth a bet on getting it done within 3. Holland is at $3.45 to win for me, Vettori $1.28.

I agree. Not to say that Kevin doesn’t possess the skills to beat Vettori. It’s just that when you take a fight every 2-3 weeks not only is it hard to improve on your weaknesses, it also displays a mindset of being active rather than performing at your best. I think he has to overcome a large wrestling deficit here.

I would say if you look at strength of schedule, it’s a very telling difference. Vettori pushed Stylebender to the limit, has beaten Hermannssen, drawed with Akmhedov, decisioned Sanchez, Feireira, and subbed several others. Holland has beaten a 158 year old Jacare as his most notable win.

IMO Vettori is easy money here.

Holland is very skilled. He is a BJJ black belt. He is a very gifted striker. His weakness is wrestling. But he is very skilled.

The problem he is running into is the level of fighters are much higher.

I like him. He will fight any one at any time.

Vettori is a potentially great fighter and I see him crushing Holland. That said, everyone is making it sound like Holland sucks after one loss?? He was on a hell of streak, absolutely tooled Jacare Hernandez and Buckley, then loses to a tough guy and is a turd? Brunson is no joke, it takes a top-5 guy to beat him. Even if Holland loses to Vettori he doesn’t lose any stock with me, I wish he’d wait longer to fight again though.

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I don’t necessarily think Holland sucks, I just think he has limited upside. In his fight against Brunson, he completely shut down. People can say what they want about his trash talking or whatever, but the reality of it is that when was faced with Top-5 talent, he wilted under the pressure. He’s what I call a good “Fight Night” guy. He’ll probably do well against your un ranked and lower-ranked guys, but against a guy like Vettori, who’s going to be Top-5 in a matter of time, it’s going to be a tough matchup.

im a fan of Holland He fights all the time That said Vettori is in line for a title shot soon and may be the number one contender soon if hes not already

Absolutely. Jacare is by far and away Holland’s best win. His second best is probably Meerschaert, which was a questionable decision that I disagreed with.

Holland’s hustle… is respectable. Real respect. He’s willing… and we all know you only get paid when you fight. DFW either appreciates him… or is using him. Wins will dictate that.

I’m a fan of both fighters. Vettori brings the fight and Holland is going to be right there willing. Looking forward to this potential slug fest

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Very much agree, but not 100% on the slugfest. Think it will be awesome, but I think someone will land early and end it. Don’t think this is going long. Like vettori going w him, but kevin got those strikes.

Tough fight for Kevin, give him credit a bit here taking a tough short notice fight. Hope he makes some $. In a headline fight despite a very recent loss.