kevin james and bas rutten

i know im late but anyone who watches the king of queens had to notice kevin sporting the bas rutten tshirt!

you know???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also saw an episode where he had on a red UFC shirt!

Kevin james is a big mma fan, and he trains to. He has trained with Bas Rutten, and Bas said on the Sherdog forums that Kevin hits harder than anyone he has trained with.

greatest show eva

ttt 4 kj!

and lea rimini is hellahottt



Pic with Rich Franklin

Kevin James = Good for the sport.

He's no Chuck Zito, but he's still the mang.

one of the few sitcoms i actually do watch...and ironically Kevin James, who I think is hilarious and a cool shit, is also a BIG mma fan...very cool...not to mention an El Guapo (who is also hilarious!) fan as well!!!!

though i've never seen him sporting an mma fighter shirt....prob missed it becz i wouldn't expect it...

thanks for the info....


There was a People's Choice Awards show or some shit a few years back that KJ hosted and he was walking through the crowd talking to people and he walks up to Bas Rutten, sitting amongst people in tuxes in fight trunks and Hvywgt Title belt only, and introduces him. They did a joke and Bas twisted his arm. It was pretty funny.


"Kevin James vs Joe Rogan. ZUFFA make it happen"


Kevin James is a nice guy and was on the same hs wrestling team with Mick Foley , the pro-wrestler a/k/a Mankind, Cactus Jack, etc.