Kevin Randleman painting


GlenDanzig, I'm still gonna do MMA trading cards at some point, though most likely it will just be my business cards. But I want them to be real trading cards, 2.5x3.5, nice thick cardstock. Right now my business cards are like trading cards, I have several of my MMA paintings on different cards, but they're on actual business cards which isn't as cool as trading cards.


I see what you mean about the lip, though I think the upper lip is fine, think the yellow captures the highlight.

The dark green on the lower lip to chin is perhaps a bit predominant. However, since you have a limited color palatte, you don't have many other deep colors to work with, perhaps the navy blue.

The chest really seems to lose the great contrast between the colored crayons and the black/navy. The balance (and 'smearing') really picks up once you hit his collarbone. Perhaps see what you can do first about using more detail, but also more negative space down to the collarbone first, and then see how it would naturally extend to the rest of the chest.

Another nice thing btw, is that the background in this case doesn't distract at all from the subject. I know you like busy backgrounds to get a pop, but in this case, the simple negative space w/ pointalist-likee texture is great.

To repeat praise from my earlier post, I like all of your melted wax pics, but that one is my favorite.


edited for speaking the truth i see...shame on you...shame

Wildcard, I do see what you're saying about the chest, but I don't think I'm gonna change anything. I think from a distance it does give the desired effect, but if you look at the closeup I just didn't take as much time/care with it.

I still don't know how I feel about backgrounds in general...if you look at all of my work, I experiment probably more with backgrounds than anything, and I also stray further from what is considered acceptable in the art world.

For examples, my Enson Inoue, Newton/Pele, and Fryklund paintings all have some wild backgrounds that would be a big no-no in art class. But the Enson and Fryklund I do really like (the Newton/Pele is a disaster, but oh well.) I try all kinds of stuff but don't really have a signature style yet for the backgrounds. But with the crayon ones, I tend to stick to mostly black backgrounds as it really adds to the effect of a spotlight on the fighter (especially in this one.)

taps I can't even figure out what you're referring to

best one yet

Bradu, my friend's got the one you did of Tito and Frank hanging in his living room. Your work is incredible.


BRADU - good stuff!, it's always nice to know that some people have my art on display

Reno, as always, thanks for your thorough feedback. While the people who simply say 'awesome!' are appreciated as well, as I'm sure you know some good honest constructive criticism is of more importance.

While I see where you're coming from on some of your suggestions, for now I'm going to leave it as is. Sometimes I go back and make changes later so I'll keep your suggestions in mind. One thing about the melted crayon, you can't go back and make too many corrections or the wax starts to build up unevenly.

Yeah, I caught the tracing accusation the first time. But I do appreciate the ttt.

Bradu, have you ever given one of your pieces to the fighters? That would have to be flattering, to see that someone would make such a nice piece of art for you.

You've got lots of fans Brad, sheesh!

Saturday was awesome lol. I caught a break,I'm not lactating, so I get to go to work.

"Bradu, have you ever given one of your pieces to the fighters? That would have to be flattering, to see that someone would make such a nice piece of art for you."

several fighters own the paintings I've done of them, but most of them either bought it or we did some sort of trade.

impressive stuff!