Kevin Randleman painting

9x12" melted crayon and candle wax.

It's been a long time since I've done one of these!


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Brads paintings kick ass and Homie seek therapy

Bradu - very nice. Looks more abstract than some of the others, more of an "expressionsist" look. I like it. We talked on another thread about learning from the book "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" and I mentioned I was about half way through the book and really improved quickly. Did you use this book to get started on painting as well as pencil drawing? If not, do you have another one to recommend? Thanks.

Your a talented guy!

Nice. I like this one more than the last few you've posted. I don't know how you nail a fighters' likeness using such an abstract medium but I really like these melted crayon pieces. Very nice piece.

I agree, I really like the effect you get from the melted crayon and wax. Nice work!

I'd have to say that my melted wax stuff is by far my most creative/artistic stuff. I mean I can do the pencil and charcoal drawings that everyone is used to seeing, but melting bright colors of wax to create a portrait is something that's a style all my own.

It's a bit out there and some people aren't as into the abstract stuff, but that's fine. The secret to getting a likeness even when dropping big gobs of wax and using bright colors is the same as getting the likeness in any kind of drawing or painting...start with accurate shapes and proportions, and get the values in the right spots. I hardly look at the colors I'm using, I just pick up crayons and think of them as either light, medium, or dark, and use them like that. As long as I get the shapes and values accurate, when you step back (ie, looking at the small one I posted), the portrait kinda jumps to life and you don't really see all the wild colors anymore, it just looks like he's under an intense spotlight or something.

Harlan, I really didn't learn from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain as a beginner, I was already fairly experienced when I found the book. But it still really opened my eyes and made me understand drawing, and it simplifies it in a way that almost seems magical. Whenever I hear people say that they 'can only draw stick figures' it makes me think of this book because if they only tried a few of the exercises in the first few chapters, they'd shock themselves. But for beginners and pros alike, there's definitely something to be learned from this book. In fact I'm in the process of going through most of the exercises in the book for a second time right now.

As far as painting, I've never really used any books or instruction all that much. I don't tend to paint how you're 'supposed to' paint anyway...I use color differently and rarely do things 'by the book.' I learned mostly from classes and from personal experience, but I have several books and refer to my favorites often.

A good book for painting/drawing and really any kind of art is Harley Brown's Eternal Truths for Every Artist. He is primarily a pastel artist, but this book is not geared for any specific medium. It teaches you the basics of drawing/painting in pretty much any medium.

Another one I'd recommend is 'Drawing the Natural Way' by Nicolaides. It's a much older book, and it's a no frills approach that basically says, draw, draw, draw, and experiment, experiment, experiment. I haven't used the book all that much, but it seems effective. It's basically a year long course where you'll spend long hours drawing, and using many different tools and styles to add diversity to your work and really find your niche. I keep meaning to take myself through the course that this book offers but haven't done it yet.

For a beginner, I always recommend Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. It really makes drawing simple to understand and shocks the hell out of people. It almost seems like magic when you read and understand this book.

The best one yet.

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Nice Brad (you've been busy!).

I like the dark gap between the neck and his visage, gives it some drama. And for once I like the large pic better than the smaller.

Suggestion: Randy as Captain American with this technique.

Sovann, shouldn't you be too busy to be on the computer? I thought you had a big weekend? How'd that go?

ferox, so sorry to disappoint!


It is nice to see how your practice and training has improved your melted wax style. This is a stronger piece that many of your earlier ones.

The use of black for shadows on the face and neck is well done.

Some of the colors on the chest seem a bit too smeared. Would have been stronger to use more granularity, similar to the face.

Great job, looks really good. Probably one of my favorites of yours so far.

Bradu - thanks for the detailed response, I really appreciate it. I think I'll pick up those books you recommended. Keep up the good work!

Wildcard, thanks, it's always good to get at least one response that is good, detailed feedback. I'm glad you liked this one.

I tend to agree with you about the chest as well...I had larger areas to cover, so I did 'smear' more with the colors whereas the marks I made in the face were generally smaller and more compact. Perhaps I'll go back and touch it up, maybe not. Every once in awhile I do go back to a painting based on some feedback I get.

The one area that seems to be bugging me is the upper lip. I feel like I need one swipe of red or something...too much yellow and green right in there.


Wow. I really like the texture! Very cool piece.

And LOL at Ferox.

That's one of the strengths of melting wax, you get really interesting textures. That and pure bright colors.

very impressive