Here Kevin talks about how he would love to kick tito ortiz's ass, his Italian wife that he loves (obviosuly, italian woman guy)and how he answers every piece of fan mail and reads that shit on his own and doesnt give an auto reply. He even says how he stopped a guy from commiting sucide! A MUST SEE!!!! Kev lets it all hang out!!!

 -Vincenzo Ferraro

In to remind you that we hate you!

Thanks for posting Vinny! Randleman always has cool shit to say. Phone Post

 Fuck u Rice! 

Radio, no problem

good stuff

this shit is great

Sounds like Randleman likes banging Phone Post

 He's the real deal.   Part 3 on the way!


He would love to bang Tito. He's been trying to bang him for years. They both love banging. Fuck talking. Just banging.

Good interview btw.

Good interview btw.

Jesus, that bandana almost gave me a fucking seizure. Phone Post

 Me on tapout radio tellingeveryone who is going to win the UFC this friday on FOx. WHAT!!