Keylock From The Guard

Just wondering if anyone uses this technique with any frequency.

I saw it strongly advocated in the Essential Guard, and since then I've been going for it with a suprising amount of success. It's great when you lock on a triangle and they try to push off on your leg to create some space.

Great move, Tony Passos calls that the "Manivela"...I think it means "lever" or something, but he used to hit that on me all the time.

For whatever reason, the pressure on the shoulder seems to come on very, very quickly in that position. Faster than in the more usual side-control or mount application.

yes! i use it while i have the triangle too. works great.

are we talking about the kimura here?

or no -- y'all must be talking about the modified americana, which a lot of people also do from the high/crooked guard?

^yes, the hand is pointed up so it's a keylock/Americana not a Kimura.

one of my go-to moves. 


That's the first move wacdog taught me from the hockey guard, the setup coming from the T&A guard.