KF Gi - Soccer Teams?

The Vasco, Flumiense, and other KF Gi that has the different styling, are those soccer teams? Can someone tell me about them and their leagues? I just received the Flu one as a gift and would like to know more about it. Thanks.

All I know about it is they're the 2 big soccer teams in Rio, deadly rivals.

Yeah - I remember when I first saw the Vasco gis I thought 'Shit that is a pretty cool looking gi'.

Eventually I decided against getting one because I do not know enough about the football scene in Brazil.

But, as I guess its similar to Europe.
If you turn up wearing a gi (t shirt, tracksuit, cap whatever) with a certain teams colours and badges all over it, at the wrong place and wrong time - you pay.

Kinda like gang colours I guess - you just know how to go about things, and if you don't then steer clear.

Damn - they are nice looking gis though.

theyre ahtletic clubs, who have soccer teams as well as basketball, i believe.

chris -- usurper is right

vasco, fluminese, and flamengo are all "athletic clubs" that have basketball, volleyball, teams, etc., as well as soccer teams. vasco used to sponsor nhb/jiu jitsu fighters for a while, and flamengo also had a judo team as well.

these teams are the biggest rivals in rio -- i have a flamengo gi, which got me a lot of cheers and boos when i was at the mundial.

Hey Steve, thanks, I hope your shoulder is feeling better. Question about Renzo's schedule, I will be in NY the Saturday after Christmas (Dec 27?). I was wondering if he has class on Saturdays? Will you be in town? Take care buddy and happy holidays.

ttt 4 kf

How could I get a Flamengo gi online or in the US?

I´ve got a Vasco da Gama GI and it is great. I got my thru MMAgear but I don´t think they have any of the other teams...