Khabib Dad: 2 fights left for Khabib in LW then WW

"At one time I had the imprudence to say that we could have played in a welterweight for a long time, but we would not have reached that fast to the belt. We do not know how many more we'll fight, it's only known to the Almighty. I'm sure Habib can fight in 77 kg better than in 70 kg. Just now we need to finish what we started. Look at the battles of Masvidal, Cerrone, Dos Anios, they are normally fighting at the welterweight. Habib is no less than they, has no less control, especially at 77 kg Habib will increase his stamina even more, so I would like him to win two fights, for belt with anyone and with Ferguson, otherwise I do not care about this division, I have fighters who have something to prove there, and who will fight for the belt. Habilov is there, Makhachev is, and I want to sign other fighters now. 70 kg has enough Russians"


Too small. This saddens my heart

That mothafucka would get wrecked @70 lol

MR31 -

I'd like to see the eagle at 70. Itd be very interesting 

He cant even fucking make 155lbs and you think he's going to make SEVENTY?

lol that's good, I always sucked at tee-ball! 

multiculturaljoseph - That mothafucka would get wrecked @70 lol

Lol, no he wouldn't