Khabib may not give Conor rematch.

According to Khabib’s uncle he wants to fight Tony Ferguson then retire. Supposedly the UFC/Conor has offered Khabib 15 million for a rematch but Khabib rejected it.


Why do you need to start the second thread on the same topic

I mean, what is this "according to", "supposedly" bs? You just read this from the information which I brought to this site, and you don't even refer to me or my thread. It's confusing.

Haha it does look like that is what he has done.

Hey! Get those dicks outta ya mouths! Who cares what khabib said about a rematch! Conner don't deserve that shit! I can believe you guys want to watch another one sided beat down.. Conner doesn't have anything for this guy! Wrestling is the worst match up for mcgregor, especially when it's one of the best wrestlers in the UFC. This is like Rhonda all over again.. She gets starched by a striker... So what do they do? They make her come back against another striker, lol if mcgregor gets back to back losses (in the UFC) that may make him run..just like Rhonda did. He'll Probably start doing movies, selling his proper twelve... And boxing. The guy would make more in boxing anyways. 

He doesn't deserve a rematch. Even if it was a close fight, Tony deserves it. That fight must happen.