Khabib not likely to fight until bros' DQ is over

Manager of Nurmagomedov: "Habib in solidarity with Tuhugov and brother is unlikely to fight before the end of the year"

The athletic commission said that the disqualification of Nurmagomedov will be reduced from 9 months to 6 months in case he participates in an advertisement against hooliganism.

- Will you file an appeal? - A question to Magomedov.

- No, we will not.

- Habib will be shot in this ad?

- I think no. Hardly.

The decision on Habib is what we expected, said Magomedov. But the decision on the cornermen disappointed us. This (that McGregor was disqualified for a shorter period) is all the injustice, all our outrage. But what to do. Politics everywhere…

I think we are unlikely to see Habib in battle earlier than Zubair Tukhugov and Abubukar Nurmagomedov will hold their battles. He stays with his corner, with his team, - said the manager.

Roughly speaking, soonest we see Nurmagomedov is the end of this year, Magomedov said.

Should have banned his brother for life. 

Good for Khabib, a man of loyalty

Also, per Abdelaziz, Khabib is paying for his own fine, for his two teammates ($25k x 2) and $200k for his lawyer. So he’ll be paying $750k in total.

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) 29 ?????? 2019 ?.

touch -

Also, per Abdelaziz, Khabib is paying for his own fine, for his two teammates ($25k x 2) and $200k for his lawyer. So he’ll be paying $750k in total.

— Ariel Helwani (@arielhelwani) 29 ?????? 2019 ?.


So much for a champ that fights and defends his belt.

Yet another guy who will hold up the division.


It's all of three months,  Not exactly the end of the world.

Well hopefully his brother is suspended for life. 

good for him to stick to his convictions.  not gonna help his fanbase that wants to see him fight though.

Rizvan Magomedov told about what will happen next.

- There are no questions regarding the disqualification of Habib. Most disturbing is the removal of his corenermen Abubakar Nurmagomedov and Zubayra Tuhugov. - says Rizvan Magomedov. - This is unfair, and this is too harsh a punishment - 12 months. Nothing terrible happened there.

- Who represented your team in court?

- We had a lawyer from the United States, one of the best lawyers in the state of Nevada (James Pizanelli, according to information from the site

- Nine months - is it a lot or a little (the period of disqualification is counted from the 6th of October)?

- We assumed that the punishment would be from six to 12 months. We have the opportunity to reduce these nine months to six. As far as I know, there is a special program, some courses or lectures. Most likely, you need to listen to some materials, have not yet learned what it is.

- If Habib misses 12 months, you do not think that the UFC is not satisfied, and they will deprive Habib of the belt as a champion who has not defended for more than a year?

- In principle, this is possible, we do not exclude this option, but I think it is unlikely. Already January, 9 months remain [until a year will pass from the battle against Conor MacGregor], Conor did not defend the belt for two years, Pettis did not defend for almost two years, and they were not deprived of the title.

Moreover, the belt can be deprived when the dates are not determined, but now everything is clear, and we can assume when the next defense will be.

- November – December 2019?

- If you give an easy forecast, then yes. But in the coming days we should discuss everything and make a decision.

- In April, Habib received 500 thousand dollars for the fight with Al Yakvinta. Now only one fine amounts to such an amount. How sensitive is it for Habib today to lose half a million dollars?

- It is clear that this is not small money for anyone. But this is not a vital amount, not catastrophic.

- Ali Abdelaziz, your colleague, said he would be happy if he could earn $ 10 million in a fight with Conor. He is happy?

- I can not name the numbers. If Habib wants, he will name.

- What will you discuss when phoned to Habib?

- The next steps, when to fight and with whom, we did not talk about it, because we were waiting for the commission’s decision, there was uncertainty.

- Is there any chance that the next contender will be Georges Saint-Pierre?

- Give us a couple of days to confer until I can comment on this.

Al Yakvinta

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Good for Khabib, a man of loyalty

That’s not loyalty. That’s him choosing to be inactive. He can support them in many other ways than not competing!

Khabib getting what he wants

NSAC is corrupt as fuck. Lowering the punishments just to rub the UFC's back