Khabib spent $1 million on Makhachev training camp

It’s rare for the average MMA fighter to make $1 million per fight, let alone have $1 million invested into a single training camp. As Makhachev entered the octagon for his lightweight title fight against Oliveira, the commentary team alluded to the fact that Makhachev’s training camp for UFC 280 cost $1 million. When Submission Radio asked Makhachev’s coach Javier Mendez about the training camp costs, Mendez responded with “Khabib is a very beautiful and generous individual that’s not looking for anything in return except for his brothers winning and accomplishing their goals.”

Makhachev was the favorite student of Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov, the late father of Khabib Nurmagomedov. It was always Abdulmanap’s plan to have Makhachev become the UFC lightweight champion after Khabib retired from the sport. Khabib did whatever he could to ensure that his father’s plan came true, so he set up an elite training camp for Makhachev.

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I’m sure it dose cost a mill or so when you shout the whole fucking team, the whole training camp.

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Those guys don’t care about money the way Americans do. They only care about winning and honor. That’s what makes them so good and dangerous lol


A million?! On ONE fight camp?! Lmao.

Did Islam put on a million dollar performance? For sure, he looked fantastic, but let’s not be so gullible. Stop and REALLY think about how much a million dollars is.

It would be believable if they were claiming he’s spent a million in training on his entire career, EVEN THEN, that’s a shit ton of money.

To put it in to perspective, if you break it down to an hourly rate, that would take 1,000 hours of training at $1,000 an hour. 42 days straight of non stop training at what would be an absolutely insanely
high hourly rate.

I understand, there’s food, travel… yada yada yada, a million dollars isn’t what it use to be, but it’s still a million dollars and that goes a long long way if you’re not using it on some type of real estate purchase.

Can someone explain with realistic values how a camp could possibly get $1million?

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Hypothetically, Islam’s camp might be valued at 1M$ but they didn’t pay anything for the last 2 months they spent in Dubai, they were guests and taken care of by the crown prince of Dubai


He’s full of shit

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It could possibly have something to do with a tax right off." Paying " all of his training partners 50k each for the camp… I agree with you. There’s bo way he legit spent that money without being all Brusters billions.

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