Khabib tells Gaethje GTFO when it comes to title shot; clear the way for Islam

Just saw this.

Fuck Khabib. Islam can wait.


Damn this guy gets more annoying now that we peeled back the blinders and see his personality more so than we looked at it while he was fighting


Khabib is just trying to angle for his fighter. If he’s so confident Islam should fight Gaethje and see if he can come out of it while still conscious.

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If Ali is running his social media then we need to build another tower to send him through.

Khabib is so fucking obnoxious. For a retired fighter he sure talks a lot. Retired early to avoid contenders and act like he’s the goat and should have a say in who fights for the belt.


I still say tibau beat him. 30-27 for khabib was a crock


Yeah. I made money on that fight though, so I can’t complain. Had a solid parlay.

As annoying as y’all may find Khabib since retirement, and I agree. He’s right on this one.

Eh, that Justin/chandler made him jump the line imo. And he was already close so it’s very hard to always pick the next challenger. Which only matters in my eyes as the champ should be making more money, not who has the best record or whatever.

Most of the time I don’t find the guy with the strap to be the best, but on par like everyone else but had a good performance when they got the shot.

Khabib should come out of retirement and give Islam the title shot directly. HOW BOUT DAT?


I mean it’s not an apples to apples comparison though when you consider who Justin fought vs. who islam has fought…Wins and losses are something, but they aren’t everything…

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I’m still amazed Eddie beat RDA…RDA was looking like a world beater at the time…


Dana pretty much confirmed that Justin is the #1 contender. He’s next.

It’s not like the UFC is itching to get Islam the belt. He doesn’t have a Conor level rivalry to raise his profile.

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Rda was being talked about as an all time great by almost everyone and the minute he lost that fight it seems like we never heard a peep about him. It was and is so strange

1 win against a top 10 fighter? Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit.