Khalil knee stomp

Hate to hear your take on PRIDE rules homie…

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I just don’t get it. If Khalil kicked him square in the dome and koed him, concussing him badly and taking a chunk of his fight career in the process that would be ok!?

But kicking him in the knee and keeping him out for a similar chunk of said career is frowned upon?


When you see a KO, it looks clean and we are numb to the damage being done (very general answer). The person is hit, they go out and fall.

In the case of that kick, you see the damage., Its un natural, and your conscious gor the pain, we hear the scream. I bet half the audience grabbed their knee when it happened. We aren condotioned or as numbto watching those type of injuries. Also this poor guy may never even fight again, and that’s a really shity thing to see for a guy that finally fought his way to the u f c. Hows thus guy feeding his family if he cant fight for at least 1.5 years (if lucky). You don’t see that shit happen too often with a knockout. That was a horrific injury I hope the guy speedy recovery


Some guys have been KO’ed many times and still come back and have solid careers. Nearly everyone gets finished at some point in their career.

That is common.

Blowing out a guys knee on purpose is fucking dirty. You may end their career with one cheap shot they may never be the same.

Targeting knees in any sport is dirty.

This to me is more like if the rules allowed eye pokes and you finished your opponent by eye poke and blinded your opponent in one eye permanently.

Most people don’t try to blow someone’s knee out because it’s a cheap move deserving of shame.

Imagine if he did this to your favorite fighter, or to a young Wanderlei or Anderson or Fedor or GSP before they reached their peak.

As it is in other sports, it’s always a shame when someone has their knee blown out and their career ends too soon, it would be the same.



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Hello, is it knee you’re looking for?


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Oh I can’t wait to watch an in-depth knee defence instructional and trace the fascinating progress of this art in MMA. too long have fighters neglected the skillset required to disable their fellow athletes.

they should include stats on knee defence and knee shreddability of fighters in the build-up.

This is a given. Just giving my perspective on the proposed question as to which one is worse, and why it is interpreted as such

Everyone gets caught. Throwing a cheap shot to the knee is always a dick move.

Also, the point of this strike is the ease of landing it, atleast that’s why Bruce Lee advocated it.


paging @WolfmanDan

They should ban checking leg kicks

missed the point. all things are dangerous, the danger posed by sharpened sticks in the home needs to be curtailed, quite obviously.