Khamzat & Darren Till training together

Aside from yaadong song2 till is probably my favourite active fighter, I’m under no impressions he’ll be champ etc.

But that was before all this smesh brothers happened. What a great web series and strange friendship he found. It’s fucken awesome and has increased my support for both fighters.

And poor bisping


They still boyz…


Thats bad, im already seeing Darrens influance, act tough, block every punch with face, get koed brutally or gifted decision


Proof that Till is rubbing off on Khamzat…


The Khamzat and Till thing was pathetic before Khamzat stunk out the joint in his last fight.

Now it’s just sad.

Couple of tomato cans.

Maybe they should invite the token autistic asian guy @ConorWinsTheRematch

So has Darren Till had the greatest effect of any fighter on the sport? Khamzat was, according to you, smash everyone in 3 weight classes and retired undefeated and now he’s a tomato can simply because of DT.

Darren Till = Most Powerful MMA figure EVER?


He’s gone off the rails and anyone can see it. He brings a stand up brawler Till into his camp and for some weird reason stops focusing on everything but Darren Till, and goes out there against Burns and becomes a sloppy brawler. Now he’s out partying with him as well. Living it up with Kadyrov when he’s a citizen of Sweden.

Khamzat is mentally weak. I saw warning signs when he was going to retire after getting Covid. He’ll never amount to any kind of champion in this sport. Usman eats him alive. I still think he’s a bad matchup for Israel but unless he gets gifted a TS at MW he’ll never even get the chance.