Kharitonov won...

Yet noone brings it up?

Check his record on the database at Sherdog or fcfighter.

Win Peter Mulder Submission (Armbar) Rings-Lithuania 8/20/2005

'Cause it was against a nobody in Lithuania. Not much to get excited about.

Dana sign Sergei! Yea I know, wishful thinking on my part.

Arm Bar

now he should go fight hunt next week

Actually it was in Russia.He put on a clinic I never saw anyone get up from being mounted on an opponent and let the guy stand up again.It was a pretty good event I predict that you will be seeing alot more Rings events in Russia and elswhere in the near future.The Rings organization and Russian Top Team just built a huge arena/hotel and training facility in Ekaterinburg,Russia.This was the first show in the new arena.

The Fights where great and what a great facility...

TK also won, as did Volk Atajiv. Kanehara got TKO'd in one.

Don were you there or something? Why are you so well informed? lol

Kanehara actually got cut by one of the wildest looking kicks I ever saw in MMA.A spinning hook kick.Kanehara had an armbar on the guy very early in the round but his oppoent was able to use a rope escape to get out.Some fights were under "Rings" rules and some were "Pride" rules.


Yeah I fought Konstatin Uriadov.I won via unanimous decision"Pride rules".I didn't really say much to anyone about it.Mostly because I didn't have much details going there.I didn't even know the rules or time limits or anything about my opponent except his name and record.I didn't even know it was a Rings event.

Oh I had no idea you fought there. Congrats man!

BTW this is Tony from Clint's school in Grand Rapids. I just moved out to L.A. and am training here.

Good job on the win.


Thanks man how's training in LA?

Thanks Robert :)