Kickboxer arrest Melb??????

My grnadfather caught half a story re an "Australian champion kickboxer arrested in melbourne for assaulting a policewoman. House was then raided and drugs and weapons located".

Apparently it was on todays (christmas) news very early??



Yeah my mother in law saw it, would like to know who it is. Thats all i could find, in Sydney too!

Kickboxer faces court on drug charges

24 December 2004

A 25-year-old Greystanes man is expected to appear at Parramatta Local Court today charged with several drug offences and possession of a replica pistol.

The man attempted to flee from Property Crime Squad detectives after a traffic stop on Merrylands Road, Merrylands last night.

He was chased on foot by officers and escaped after a brief struggle with a female officer who suffered a possible fractured finger.

The man was quickly located and recaptured with the assistance of Police Airwing and Holroyd officers.

Detectives allege during a search of the man’s Greystanes home they discovered a quantity of amphetamine with an estimated street value of $150,000 and ecstasy tablets with an estimated value of $35,000.

A replica pistol and a quantity of anabolic steroids was also located at the home.

He was refused bail to appear at Fairfield Court today.

It was Baris Nezif Triple World Kickboxing Champ.

He faces 2 charges of unlawful assault, 1 of intentionally causing serious injury, 1 of intentionally damaging property and 1 of aggravated burglary with a person present and was refused bail.

Goes along the lines of him threating his wife, his wife ringing police. Police came and took his wife to her mothers house, while police were still there Baris bursts in and attacks his wife infront of police pulling her by the hair and punching other family members in the faces. Police capsicum spray Baris and arrest him. He is remanded in custody till 16th March.

For once it's not a boxer lossing the plot.

Hope this helps

Auswilliam, that sounds like anti-competitive business practice.

Your friend should report those mediterranean thugs to the ACCC



Looks like there were two incidents, the Nezif & the one in Sydney, i got this from Sportzblitz:
"Watching the news a couple of nights ago and there was a report saying Shane Meads was arrested for drugs and assult... is it true? Surely not! I hope not anyway - bad for him and the sport if true." Mongo
If thats true he just ruined his career when it just got rollin'

Baris was in NSW, MEADS in VIC??? Seems like kickboxing is having a bit of strife at the momment. I also know of an incident in QLD that has made the news too re Drugs and weapons.


Baris was bailed in Melbourne.

Who was it in QLD Justin?

It's true about Meads. Apparently his car was searched by the police finding a small amount of drugs and then he was taken back to his house with a search warrant and they found a shitload. Female officer tried to arrest him, he put some kind of wrist lock on her and ran off?!?!?! He was later found sitting in a back shed, not doing a real good job of hiding, in someone's back yard. Apparently he's expecting a child in the near future... but you didn't hear any of this from me!

I was once caught hiding from the cops by a giant Kiwi (I was in his front yard). He chased me over his fence with a broomstick.