Kickboxing Board

The kickboxing board is my favorite of them all. Of course I like going to the OG for a laugh too. Some times the kickboxng board seems so active and full of life and then others it seems to be dead on not even move.

Now is a time it seems to be dead


ttt Hey Brad how have you been?

DR1: Things have been great with me, how about you? How is the westside? I'm just about to start getting in shape for the Anrold. Will you be there?

Yeah, the Kickboxing Forum seems to have gone into hibernation of late.

I, for one, have been busy finding a job and preparing to fight in KOTRVIII

Khun Kao: When is your fight? I'm guessing MT rules?


*looks around, sees nothing happening, returns to OG*

Khun Kao, tell matt to get off his lazy ass and compete.


Yes, Muay Thai rules.


"MATT! Get off your lazy ass and compete!!!"

(how was that?)

Hey Brad I'll be there for sure.I been training and teaching alot.The west side is doing well. Matee is still in Thailand but he'll be back feb,1st.

Cool, I'm going to try and get up to the JJ if times allows.

Khun Kao, lol