Kickboxing GIF & Video Thread

Wanted to make a general thread for different gifs and videos. Made a same kind for boxing forum as well. Apologizes if there already was this kind of thread, if so, please direct me there and I will post there instead!

Here is a kickboxing tribute video I made, part of my Art of Combat series (got MMA and Boxing versio too, will do Muay Thai version some day as well)

And here is Buakaw bringing on the pain against Masato in their first (2004) bout. Will post more every now and then

Couple of fun fights

Since this is kickboxing/muay thai sub forum, im gonna go with latter this time. Aikpracha is a fun muay thai fighter to watch

The doctor in the house! Giorgio Petrosyan

Not kickboxing but close enough;

made a Muay Thai tribute/highlight video, as a part of my 4-part series "Art of Combat"

Heikki Mustola -

The doctor in the house! Giorgio Petrosyan

Masaaki Noiri gifs. He is one of my favorite japanese kickboxers. My favorite five Japanese kickboxers are (not in order):

Yuta Kubo

Tetsyua Yamato

Masaaki Noiri


Yuya Yamamoto

Anyways, here are the gifs of Masaaki Noiri

^Also, now that I mentioned Masato there, might as well throw this here too. Apologizes if I am doing too much of a "self advertising" here

The legend of head kicks

Andy Souwer gifs. SOUWER POWER!

Random gifs

Made this vid about my favorite knockouts of all time in kickboxing. Just my opinion though, I know other people would have their own picks for what they think are the best knockouts. But still, these are some great KO's

Entertaining fights!

How about some KNEES

Made a highlight for Mike Zambidis, one of my kickboxing favorites, very exciting fighter

Sam-A and Petpanomrung exchanging kick after kick

Some random gifs from both Muay Thai and kickboxing

Remy Bonjasky finishes Gökhan Saki with a beautiful jumping body kick

Sharp shots by Yodsanklai

Rungrat Sasiprapa finishes Kevin Ross

Dzhabar Askerov sweeps Andy Souwer

Made a highlight video for Andy Ristie, shame that he seems to be retired these days :( Hasn't fought in years, he had some great fights, became a Glory Champ and even knocked out Giorgio Petrosyan in a huge upset