Kid has some power


Well shit, bet he's the king of his nursery. Some solid technique. Phone Post 3.0

That's not a kid, that's a Midget who's been training for at least 10 years Phone Post 3.0

Would be a damn shame if that kid's growth is stunted and he never makes it pass 5'3"

Musashi - Jesus. That video made my balls hide.
I read this comment before I watched the vid thinking "what?!?" Then I watched it and had the same physiological response Phone Post 3.0

First I was disappointed to see it wasn't about Kid Yamamoto, but damn, this kid right here is the future. I dont think I have ever seen kid that ferocious, that was fast and very powerful for his age. He will become a monster for sure.

Wow. We need the kid's name so that if mine ever fight competitively, we know who to duck. Scarier than lil Saffiedine? Phone Post 3.0