kid said he was to tired to fight

This weekend at the Rampage in the Cage show in Monroe, LA my teammate James Nevils was supposed to have his 3rd fight. James trained hard, cut his weight, and got himself ready. We were in the back warming up for our fights and they came told me that I was next and told James that he was 2 fights away. Then after my fight when James was on deck his opponent decided that he was too tired from cutting weight to fight. He said he was drained and could not fight.

Then the kid puts his fight gear on and his fighter pass and goes and sits cageside. Telling everyone how it was his opponent's fault that they did not get to fight. Anyway just thought I would share it with my UG bros and see what you guys thought about it.

As does every piece of for thought.

I talked to the promoter (I think thats who it was). He said the kid had an 18 hour lay over and did not get to the show until close to fight time. He was a few pounds over and tried to cut weight. He was exhausted from the combination of the two. I don't know if the is the same kid or not, and that's just the story I got. Not defending anyone just giving another side of the story.

The show was great and congrads to Mike Braswell and Hank Hamilton and their dominating wins.


Mike and Hank looked great. Blanchie is really developing a nice program over there. Us Pedro Sauer guys have got to stick togethor.

"Thought this was news regarding kid yamamoto"
sorry I did not mean to confuse anyone

John is not only great at juijitsu, but he is a great instructor. Mike and Hank are humble, but beast at the same time. John is going to have one tough stable. His guys are tough and have a strong work ethic. John's son is the real deal. I think he is going to demand respect if and when he starts fighting MMA.


"John's son is the real deal."

John Bennet could take me or anyone else that fought on the card that night. The 10 year old is a monster.

A year or so back he was telling me what to do and what I was doing wrong. All I could do was say "Yes Sir" and swallow my pride. Getting tooled by a 10 year old is not something I want to happen to me.

How bad was the cut on Seth K. head? I did not get a chance to ask around.


"How bad was the cut on Seth K. head?"

It was a pretty nasty gash, but that was a great fight.

I'm glad DiscoNfrno has informed us of Jon Benet's passing. I am glad to know that. No, No really I am really glad to hear that.

I don't know the guys name Seth fought. Seth lost the judges blessing. The alleged headbutt cost. I did not have a good view is why I say alleged. It was a good fight, I am bias towards Seth and was hoping for a stand-up war.

How is the Thai fighter, I did not realize he was out until the end. From my seat the lock did not look secure, guess it was.


Preciate the props boys, Big Jimmy "Hot Water Corn Bread" Mills had the most ridiculous mount riding time ever. It was like you had put too many quarters into the toy racecar outside of Walmart and couldn't get off. Great job, bud. My prediction of mass RedNeckery came true at the event however, as ackahol sales had to be shut down due to too many fights in the crowd. Other than that it was a really well run show. Much props to Left Hook Promotions and everybody else that fought Saturday night, especially Mikey "Teh Mongoose" Braswell.

If he is too tired, he's right to make his own judgement call on it. Nothing wrong with it. Shit happens.

So.... Are you talking about some nameless "kid" or Kid Yamamoto?

Thanks for the props Hank. You put on a pretty good show yourself. We will be back up for the next big seminar you guys put on. Lots of alchol and mass RedNeckery will always happen at the southern shows and after I have a fight.

"I don't know the guys name Seth fought."

The guys name that Seth fought is Liam McCarty. He is a really nice guy with a lot of heart. He showed some game against a monster.

"How is the Thai fighter, I did not realize he was out until the end."

I am sure he is fine. He just got choked out.

Can we get the full card and results

Jimmy are your arms tired from hitting that guy in mount so many times?

What's up willie I haven't seen you on here in a while. Are you still with UGC? The site hasn't been updated in a while so I wasn't sure.

Jimmy Mills, Hank Hamilton, Mike Braswell, Aaron Fetz, & Liam McCarty all won. I can't remember anyone else's name. You can check out

"Jimmy are your arms tired from hitting that guy in mount so many times?"

I think my hand is broken. I am going to the doctor tomorrow. The ref should have stopped it sooner.


I did break it. Out for 6 weeks. I guess I will have to get drunk for a couple of weeks since I can't train.

Well Ricky ran off to Indiana to MFS with the Dentist ,and I was actually more there for him , UGC had some issues with some of the business partners plus i just bought a new house and found out the week after my june fight that i was to be a Daddy so i am leaving them alone until they straighten their shit out, Rickys phone is disconnected but i heard he was supposed to fight on this card

They changed his opponent the week of the fight and he did not want to fight the new guy on short notice. Josh said they thought it was a bad matchup. Good luck with being a daddy.