Kid Yamamoto training(vid link)


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ttt Thanks for the blue namage


Damn that little kid was hitting the bag pretty hard

ttt for later

No prob and I must concur about the little kid...His high kicks are stronger than mine...well...

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LMAO @ the cameraman zooming in on Kid's ass, then realizing what he's done and zooming back out with the quickness.

that the only part catching your attention huh;)

the kids got hard kicks fo sure

LOL actually it made me a little bit ill, till he backed out quick and it was apparent it was a grave mistake he made!

Thanks for the vid! Gives me lots of new ideas on combos with the mitts and thai pads.

I noticed it too, I figured they were only drilling their power shots this time. Lead leg thrust kick would have been a power shot for me too though.

That's a cool looking gym.

In reference to the camera guy...That's what I do for a living and I can't tell you how many times I've zoomed in to pull a focus and then realize I've zoomed in on a big pair of tits. Maybe it's sub-conscious.

Machete Miller


Ever notice how different nationalities and/or races "yelp" differntly when striking...kinda wierd.

"He prawns when he kicks. "

What does that mean?