Kikuchi vs. Shields Description?

Can anyone give a brief description of Kikuchi's win over Shields last
night? Also, is there anywhere I can find some footage of Kikuchi in

Thanks much.


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I haven't seen it yet, but from what I've read Kikuchi got Shields' back a few times, had mount, and just seemed to control the entire fight. There's a report on with more details.

Thanks man. Holler at me if you know of a way to get the fight.


I'll have the event in a few days or so.

I'll post a play by play after I get it.

Till then keep this thread up.




matter of fact I will have the fight monday (tomorrow) night. I'll post a play by play then.

Also if anyone wants a play by play of any of the other fights on that card, just post which fights you want and I will do play by play for them as well.

I'd be curious about the Sato fight.


Kikuchi dominated him.In the last round he landed a nice punch standing and took him down,got back mount,and in like last minute or so he took him down and got mount.If there was about 20 seconds more in the round he would have finished Shields.

Sweet. I really like the sound of this guy. I need to get footage! Help!



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Closed a deal with a US network to carry Japanese events... It will be old news by then, but hopefully we will have this event on in the US by summer time.

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